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Marketing as well as creating and maintaining a brand can only achieve the desired results with intelligent, long-term targeting and integration into all realms of virtual and real.

Pars Satrap cultural, artistic and scientific group of scholars has set up a Satrap marketing clinic with short-term planning in between taking into consideration these basic principles and utilizing sufficient knowledge in audience opinion to find maximum impact on the audience. Long and long term, as well as designing and running smart advertising campaigns, can create an important link between science and industry. At the Satrap Marketing Clinic we will carry out our business with the motto of preventing, improving and treating your business in the form of highly qualified and professional people.


In many businesses, executive-management practices have been or are being disrupted by traditional management practices, which has disrupted their processes, and the treatment of these process lines has been of particular interest in the Satrap Marketing Clinic.

There are some successful businesses that have reached the stage of maturity and organizational growth that need improvement in order to prevent them from falling into decline. In our organizational slogan we will pursue the improvement of successful businesses. Small businesses have high growth potential, Satrap Marketing Clinic has designed a special growth plan for small businesses to prevent, and believes our business economy cycle will be improved by empowering small and medium-sized businesses.



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The Satrap Marketing Clinic has been operating since March 2016 with a focus on SMEs trying to improve collective intelligence in the marketing industry. Training and companionship are at the forefront of the collection, enhancing the customer-centric view and focusing on customer success.

  • 2016Building the Institute

    The company was built in collaboration with university professors and market experts.
  • 2017Add Web field

    This year, the web was added to the service portfolio by recognizing market needs and completing the services available.
  • 2018Participate in the exhibition

    Participate in the Business Development and Franchise Exhibition on January 12-15 at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions

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