Satrap Marketing Clinic

Why us?

آکادمیک در کنار تجربی

Academic alongside Experimental

بازاریابی هوشمند

Smart marketing

برنامه استراتژی

Strategy Plans



خدمات کامل

Full service

مدیریت هزینه

cost management

سنتی و دیجیتال

Traditional and digital

قراردادهای شفاف

Transparent contracts

مشاوره تخصصی

professional Consultation

همگام با تکنولوژی

Keep up with technology

Business field

Everything that guarantees the success of your business.

Designing a marketing plan

Business plan design

Market research

Managing Investment Opportunities

Expert Advisory Panel

CS (Customer Success)


Management Dashboard

Marketing investigation


Web field

Marketing is not just a science but an art In a world full of change, having a smart marketing network makes you feel less risky and always responds appropriately to market changes. Feel the need, brainstorm, commercialize the idea and transform it into a business that requires solid and effective steps We will help you with the following services in your business:


Education field

One of the most successful marketing strategies in the digital realm is finding the most effective solutions through the following services.



Event holding

Ideal events are held in a variety of formats with the Satrap team

Holding specialized seminars

Market entry events

Specialized Conferences

Annual conferences for your business